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Lourmarin: photo description (Lourmarin)

Famous writers chose a cozy Provencal villages for life and creativity. For example, the English writer Peter Mehl, author of the book "a Year in Provence", first settled in Manerbe, and then moved to Lourmarin. Another book of Mail "a Good year" directed by Ridley Scott shot the same film, and some shooting took place in Provence, in Gordes.

Long before the Mail Provence appreciated writers albert Camus (Nobel laureate, author of "the Plague" and "Myth of Sisyphus") and Henri Bosco (author of "the Baby and the river"). Both lived in a Private a few years and was buried in the local cemetery. The memory of the outstanding writers here is stored in the form of so-called literary Proms - tours, during which guests of the show villages favorite places writers and tell related stories.

The commune of Lourmarin is located in the Vaucluse Department of the Provence - Alpes - côte d'azur and is located in fifty kilometers from Avignon. A little closer Apt and AIX-EN-Provence. Compared to other villages of Loumarin can be called crowded, as it resides over a thousand people. The village is a member of the Association "Most beautiful villages of France".

In addition to places connected with albert Camus and Henri Bosco, in a Private there are other attractions, including two castles - Lourmarin and Korra, respectively, built in the XV and XVII centuries. Chateau de Lourmarin currently belongs to the Academy of arts and literature in AIX-EN-Provence, and before that the castle belonged to the Lyon industrialist, Robert Laurent-Weber, who invested in his recovery. The castle is a historical monument from the middle of last century.

The local Church was built in the early XIX century and were named after saints Trophimus and Andrew, it is the Protestant temple. Also in Private you can see the building of the windmill and dwelling house of the XVIII century.