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Malo-Les-Bains: photo description (Malo-les-Bains)

The small municipality of Malo-Les-Bains up to 70-ies of the last century was an independent settlement, but in 1969 was attached to the territory of Dunkirk and is now one of the quarters of the city in its Northern part. However, Malo-Les-Bains is recognized as one of the most popular seaside resorts of Northern France, and since 1989, has the status of Spa resort.

Joining Dunkirk - not only territorial-administrative changes that occurred in the history of the commune of Malo-Les-Bains. Before 1891 it was part of the municipality of Roosendaal, and in the allocation of a separate municipality was named in honor of Gaspard Malo sailor, the owner of a vessel, a ship owner who lived in Dunkerque in the nineteenth century.

Gaspar became a Little known fact that gave the city fairly large plot of land with dunes, which tried to grow anything - vegetables, fodder grass, pine. Desperate to get the harvest, he sends his 650 acres of the Dunkirk, and they were built new town houses in art Nouveau style. Thanks to the Few, in this part of Dunkirk appeared the Racecourse, Church and factory. The memory of Gaspare Little immortalized not only in the name of the commune, but also the installation of a bust on a street in Malo-Les-Bains.

In the history of the municipality of Malo-Les-Bains entered as the place of the military operation "Dynamo" in the beginning of the Second world war. The coast near Malo-Les-Bains in may and June 1940 were used for the withdrawal from the mainland, and the evacuation of the British Isles military forces of the parties to the coalition. Allied losses were very large: about 70 thousand soldiers died, but nearly 340 thousand people were evacuated. On the beach of Malo-Les-Bains was installed a memorial in memory of the fallen soldiers.