/ / The small Palace (Petit Palais): photo description (Petit Palais)

The small Palace (Petit Palais): photo description (Petit Palais)

The small Palace (Petit Palais (and its "brother" Grand Palais) is located near the Champs elysées on the place where once was the Palace of industry, built for the world exhibition of 1855. Both "brother" was built for the next world exhibition in 1900. After its completion, the Petit Palais was turned into the Museum of modern art.

By the owner of the Palace, the city of Paris, it was a visionary step. The building of the Petit Palais was the most modern for its era and had a rare beauty. This reputation has prompted serious collectors to transfer the paintings and sculptures here. Brothers Dutyi from Rouen donated to the Museum collection of antiquities, which they collected all the life, art, ancient Greece, middle Ages, Renaissance, Flemish painting.

In the Museum you can see works of artists of the XIX century: Courbet, Monet, Sisley, Gauguin, Maillol, Renoir, Toulouse-Lautrec. In the gallery of the Palace separately exhibited "the collection" - a collection of painting and sculpture, delivered to the Petit Palais, the American philanthropist Edward and That his wife Julia in 1930. Widely presents the art of the XX century. The funds - a rich collection of works of the fauves and the Cubists.

Petit Palais is also interesting for its rich collection of icons. Icons quite a long time in the West was not considered art, because it was not involved in the development of the European paintings. So, removed the white emigration to Europe of the icon most often found no buyers. It is for this reason patron Roger cabal managed on modest means to collect the outstanding private collection of icons, which gave the Museum. Meeting seriously supplemented during the war in Lebanon - from there was able to export and save the icon, seeks refuge in the Petit Palais.

In 2005, the Palace was completely restored. Before the repair it was covered not very transparent glass dome, the courtyard was closed to visitors. Now fully restored mosaic of the dome, marble floors, frescoes. To expand the area of exhibitions: the Museum's collections have up to five thousand square metres for temporary exhibitions - two thousand. The collection of the Petit Palais now has 45,000 works of art.

The Palace, property of the municipality, fully restored, with funding from the accommodation tax in Paris. Now it is one of the rare free museums in the city.