/ / Marseille town hall: photos, description Hotel de ville de Marseille)

Marseille town hall: photos, description Hotel de ville de Marseille)

The building of Marseille's town hall and happily managed to survive two very difficult for many historic buildings in France during the Great French revolution and the Second world war. So the building is very well preserved up to the present time, looks elegant and dressy, as befits the buildings in the Baroque style, pleased with their appearance of the inhabitants and visitors of Marseille and even performs a very important function in the building and now houses the offices of officials at city hall.

The municipality occupies the second and third floor of the building and on the ground there shops, this floor is always occupied by the merchants. A design feature of the building (probably very uncomfortable) is the lack of internal stairs leading from the first to the second floor. To get to city hall, you first need to enter the building behind the town hall and then on a specially constructed passage to the second floor of city hall. The transition appeared in 80-ies of the XVIII century. It was originally built of wood, and then it was replaced by stone.

The town hall building, located in the historic centre of Marseille, is one of the oldest in the city. It was built in the second half of the XVII century: the work began in 1653 and ended in 1673, while in 60-e years from-for shortages of money the construction was suspended for six years. On the construction of the town hall worked three architect: work started Jean-Baptiste Meolan and ENEA, Blondel, and continued it after the break, Gaspard Puget.

As the architectural solution for the town hall was chosen the appearance of a Genoese Palazzo. The main facade of the building is decorated with stucco decoration, including jewelry, you can see the coat of arms of Marseille, a bust of Louis XIV balustrade, made in the style of the Corinthian order. On the North wall of the building is placed the coat of arms of the Bourbons.