/ / Marseille's fashion Museum: a photo, a description (Le musee de la mode)

Marseille's fashion Museum: a photo, a description (Le musee de la mode)

On the street Canebière in Marseille is a "pole" of attraction for fashionistas and shopaholics - Mediterranean center of fashion. It houses the fashion Museum, which was founded in the 80-ies of the last century.

Center and Museum located in a building constructed under the project of Baron Georges-eugène Haussmann, the famous reformer of the nineteenth century, who was the prefect of the Seine, and formed the image of Paris. Restoration of the building was carried out in 1991 with the assistance of architect Jean-Michel Wilmotte, a famous architect of our time, whose works can be seen not only in France but also in Russia (for example, reconstruction of the factory "Red October").

Museum halls occupy two floors of the building, the total exhibition area is over 600 square meters. The period covered by the exposition of the Museum - the second half of XX and beginning of XXI centuries. There are a few thousand items of clothing, and the score is stored here jewelry and other accessories is in the tens of thousands. Presented in the Museum are works by French couturier plunge into the world of contemporary fashion and learn about fashion of the Mediterranean. Here you can see not only exquisite outfits, which is referred to as works of art, but casual wear for men and women. These things can be seen as changing fashion over the last half century, what trends prevailed in it.

The Museum often hosts special exhibitions, and the design students and textile universities come here to improve their skills, fashion historians will also find much useful and interesting.

In addition to the fashion centre, in the street Canebière, which is a pedestrian, as well as on the adjacent streets located and other attractive shopping sightseeing, boutiques and shops.