/ / The field of Mars and arbor Raymond Payne: photos, description (Champ de Mars)

The field of Mars and arbor Raymond Payne: photos, description (Champ de Mars)

In the provincial town of valence, there is a small cute place with a very romantic history. It is called by the name of the artist who celebrated by creating a series of drawings about love with a poet and his bride.

This local landmark is the gazebo Raymond Payne, it is on the Esplanade Champ de Mars, which appeared later the gazebo. The Esplanade itself is a beautiful place for walking, and next to it is the Jouvet Park, known to fans of music - there are often concerts are held in the Park entertaining visitors musical fountains.

Field of Mars is the city's main square, it also becomes a venue for concerts and other events. The field of Mars with a gazebo Payne is recognized as one of the most famous types of valence.

Graphic artist Raymond Payne was in the valence passing in 1942. The beauty of the Champs de Mars so fascinated him that he decided to make a drawing and drew the young poet, giving his beloved flowers in openwork old-fashioned gazebo. This drawing was the beginning of a cycle of works "the Lovers" which made Payne a celebrity and glorify the valence. The cycle "Lovers" contains about six thousand drawings. Works in this series was twice placed on postage stamps: 1985 Valentine's day in 2000 on the stamp issued in honor of Raymond Payne.

Raymond Payne cycle due to its gained popularity all over the world - in France alone there are three Museum dedicated to him (one of them, of course, in valence) and two are in Japan.

Gazebo on the Champ de Mars, also called kiosk, in 1982, was included in the list of national monuments of France.