/ / Mars gate: photo description (Porte de Mars)

Mars gate: photo description (Porte de Mars)

The gates of Mars - the oldest landmark in Reims, the only surviving of the four city gates that were built in the days when Reims was called Durocortorum.

Mars gate was built in II-III century ad and was named in honor of the God of war, which was devoted to the nearby temple. Currently near the gate there is a street also named after this Roman God.

Triumphal arch, known as Mars gate, located on the Northern outskirts of the city. The gates that were in the southern, Western and Eastern parts of Reims, was demolished in the middle of the XVIII century and the end of the same century. At the end of III century the gates of Mars were included in the system of urban fortifications. And in the first half of the XIII century Mars gate began to serve as the entrance to the territory of the Archbishop's residence, which was demolished by order of Henry IV in the late sixteenth century.

In the first half of the nineteenth century city walls situated left and right of Marcovich gate, was demolished. And in 1840 they had taken under protection as a historical monument.

Today the size of the gate you can judge how thoroughly the Romans built such structures. Length of a triumphal arch with three openings was 33 meters, the height of the building was equal to thirteen meters, and wall thickness exceed six meters. On the walls the gate is also preserved fragments decorating their bas-reliefs and sculptures.

Near the gate is a building of the Central market of Reims which was built in the 1920-ies to replace the old market building, which was destroyed during the First world war. The new building was an example of architecture of modernism, the author of the project was Emil Magro. The opening of the market after the reconstruction took place in 2012.