/ / Machines of the Isle of Nantes: photo description (Les Machines de l'ile)

Machines of the Isle of Nantes: photo description (Les Machines de l'ile)

The most unusual attraction in Nantes Park is a fantastic amusement "Machines of the Isle of Nantes, opened in 2007. The theme presented here is not banal roundabouts and slides. The Park area is "populated" with the giant mechanisms. The creators of this project Delarose Francois and Pierre Oreis were inspired by the works of Jules Verne, the famous science fiction writer and a native of Nantes also inspired them were ahead of their time inventions of Leonardo da Vinci.

The Park was built on the site of the former warehouses of the shipyard. For realisation of this project was spent in just three years, starting from 2004, when the city of Nantes made a decision about the construction of the Park, which have attracted new flows of tourists. Initially, the project has been allocated about five million euros, but the amount on the creation and development of the Park has increased steadily. Moreover, this project was considered unprofitable and received various grants. He was awarded the prize of the International tourism exhibition in 2007.

In the collection of the Park there are now several giant machinery is the "Big elephant," "Tree of herons", the carousel Marine worlds" and the merry-go-round "Arenas Andrea," and others.

The "big elephant" with a height of 12 meters can not only move at a speed of three kilometers per hour, but also to carry on his back about fifty people. It drives the engine of 450 horsepower. The passengers of this very unusual vehicle can see the "mechanical heart" of the giant.

The carousel Marine worlds" started working in the Park recently, in 2012. Its height is 25 meters, and in one session in this attraction can take up to three hundred people. Only sit during the session they will have in the booth, made in the form of shapes or the skeleton of a marine life.

"Tree of herons" and "the Big elephant" and the "Marine worlds" together - its height is 50 meters, the diameter of this miracle tree is 47 metres. On it sat two herons. The opening of this facility scheduled for 2017.