/ / The lighthouse of Biarritz: photo description (Phare de Biarritz)

The lighthouse of Biarritz: photo description (Phare de Biarritz)

Biarritz is located in South-West France in the Aquitaine region. For a long time, this settlement had no impact - it was a simple fishing village. But already in the XIX century the town established itself as a Spa and seaside resort, and when it was chosen by the Emperor of France, Napoleon III, the popularity of this place rose to the heavens. At the same time and began a massive building in the city.

However, before the advent of Napoleon III to power, in Biarritz was built of fine high lighthouse. It stands on a rocky cliff on the shore of the sea. The lighthouse is perfectly visible from the main beach.

The lighthouse was built in 1830-1832 years and is a structure in the form of a cone, painted white. Its height is 47 meters. In 1953 it was equipped with electricity, and in 1980 translated into automatic control, so that the caretaker of this lighthouse is not required. He gives flashes of white light every 10 seconds. In 2009, the lighthouse of Biarritz, received the status of monument of history and culture of France.

Now the lighthouse is open to tourist visits, and from its summit you can admire the stunning views of the city, its coastline and expanse of the Bay of Biscay. However, to rise to the top, tourists will have to overcome the 248 steps.

Another attraction located in the vicinity of the lighthouse is the Golf course, fitted in 1888, and therefore is the oldest on the territory of the French Basque Country. It covers an area of 34 hectares, and its total length is more than five thousand meters.