/ / International perfume Museum: photos, description (Musee International de la Parfumerie)

International perfume Museum: photos, description (Musee International de la Parfumerie)

The Museum of perfumery in Grasse, has an international status, called a "showcase" of the perfume industry of France. And the city of Grasse known as the "cradle" of the perfumery art. It may sound strange, but the first perfume created in Grasse and in the world, was intended to perfume the tanned skins of animals, and the first perfumers, respectively, were tanners.

The Museum was opened in 1989 and is housed in a building built in the XVIII century, which will soon require restoration. In the beginning of this century the Museum was closed for four years and was reopened to visitors in 2008 alone. For its restoration it took 11 million euros, and the project was executed by architect frédéric Jung.

The renovated Museum was 3.5 thousand square meters, which for the ancient and most valuable fragrant items were created with special temperature conditions, and special lighting.

Total collection of the Museum has about 50 thousand copies, which were gathered from all around the world. With ghosts, which were used by high-ranking inhabitants of the Louvre and Versailles, you can see perfumes from use of the inhabitants of Africa, Eastern countries, South America. Collection of grass were added including thanks to other French museums - the Louvre and the Versailles, national Museum of Oriental art Guimet in Paris. The exhibits are mostly Dating from the XVIII-XX centuries, among them you can meet quite rare - as, for example, travel bag Marie Antoinette, who, along with all its contents weighed about 80 pounds.

The perfume Museum you can also see how for centuries the culture of consumption of perfumes.

It is worth noting that there is another Grasse perfume Museum - it belongs to the Fragonard perfumery brand and is located in the old perfume factory.