/ / The peace memorial in Caen: photo description (Memorial de Caen)

The peace memorial in Caen: photo description (Memorial de Caen)

World Museum is a memorial complex in Caen, one of the most famous museums in Europe and the world, which is dedicated to anti-war theme and tells about the most famous wars, armed conflicts and terrorist attacks for the second half of the twentieth century.

The Museum is located in the North-Western part of the city, on top of a cliff, at the foot of which during the Second world war was the headquarters of the fascist troops. The Museum was opened in 1988, the ceremony was attended by President of France françois Mitterrand.
One of the main themes of the Museum - the landing of allied troops on the Normandy coast in the summer of 1944 - the operation known as "D-Day". The Museum not only presents the events of the time (as in a multimedia format, and in the form of ship models and models of the battlefields), it also conducts excursions to places of the allied landings on the coast.

Other sections of the Museum tell about such facts in the history of modern humanity, as the creation of a nuclear bomb, the fall of the Berlin wall and the events of the cold war, and the tragedy on 9 September 2001 incident in the United States. Gallery of the Museum opened in 1991, represents portraits of Nobel peace laureates.

Near the Museum you can see the flagpole, on which hung flags of the twelve States that participated in the battles of Normandy. These countries are devoted and twelve monuments for the Museum. The memorial is also divided into "gardens of the Nations", which symbolize the common efforts in the struggle for peace representatives of the different countries. Here you can see the monuments erected in memory of the victims of war, and sculptures with anti-war meaning. One of them is a revolver, the barrel of which is tied in a knot.

The overall mission of the Museum is to remind of the horrors of past wars and to force the visitors to think about the necessity of preserving peace on earth.