/ / Memorial Napoleon: photo, description, Monument commemoratif de Napoleon Ier)

Memorial Napoleon: photo, description, Monument commemoratif de Napoleon Ier)

Ajaccio is the largest city and port of the French island of Corsica. This city is relatively young - it was founded "only" in 1492 and has long been the territory of the Genoese Republic. To the French the island was included only in 1768. The city gained world fame as the birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, the great French military and political leader.

Napoleon was born in Ajaccio in 1769, and, despite the fact that he had lived here only 9 years, he has remained forever immortalized in the memory of the inhabitants of the city. City streets named after his family, the image of the French Emperor is widely used in the manufacture of Souvenirs and scattered in the city and its monuments. One of such monuments is located on a large square of Austerlitz.

This monument is a powerful stone pyramid on top of which stands a statue of Napoleon, made in full growth. This sculpture is a copy of the masterpiece of Charles Emile Serra, who has made several great statues now hall of honor of the Invalides in Paris. Napoleon depicted as "the little corporal" - it is his unchanging cocked hat and military uniform.

To the pyramid are two long narrow stairs, between which marble slabs engraved with the date of the life of Napoleon, dates of his reign and the list of the greatest battles in which he participated. Of course, lost the battle of Waterloo, this list is not. Also on the memorial plate depicts the Imperial eagle of Napoleon.

The monument was erected in 1938, and in 1984 was recognized as a monument of history and culture of France.

If you climb up to the monument and turn left, you will find yourself in a small wooded Park where the secret stone grotto, where, according to legend, the future Emperor loved to play in childhood.