/ / Shoah memorial: photos, description (Memorial de la Shoah)

Shoah memorial: photos, description (Memorial de la Shoah)

Shoah memorial - a Museum dedicated to the history of the Holocaust (the attempt of the Nazis to completely exterminate European Jews by mass destruction, mostly in concentration camps). Six million dead - sixty percent of the Jewish population of Europe and about a third of the world's Jews. The Hebrew word "Shoah" from its original meaning of "destructive vortex" is just used to denote the Holocaust.

The memorial, opened in 2005 in the Marais quarter, is designed for those who have not experienced this horror, so that they could learn, understand and feel the tragedy of the Holocaust. In the Museum walk past the stone slabs carved with the names of the Jews deported by the Nazis from France. Thousands of names. They are distributed alphabetically and by year and shows that the majority of French Jews were deported in the years 1942-44 at Auschwitz. For a huge number of identical surnames, it is clear that were killed entire families. These lists can be put candlesticks directly on the ground. People come, read, looking for. The sight of the person looking for carved in stone the names of loved ones, can be a very powerful experience.

"Wall of the Righteous pays tribute to the righteous of the world - that is, people who, risking their lives, hid and rescued Jews. 2693 the name of the French of the righteous are inscribed on this wall.

In the Museum - pictures of death camps, of the many stories of the Holocaust, chronicling the timeline of the Disaster in France, the underground crypt, rooms for temporary exhibitions, library and educational center. The memorial has the largest archive of Holocaust in Europe and is one of the leading educational centers on the topic in the world. Every year 30 thousand French schoolchildren visit the Museum, learn about the occupation of Paris, the Vichy regime, the Resistance, tell them about the Winter velodrome and Drancy - places, where they were kept interned Jews before sending them to Auschwitz.

Among the exhibits are a gift from French President Jacques Chirac - a police card index, compiled by the Nazis. She exhibited in a small room and looks very simple: hundreds of wooden boxes. Normal file Cabinet, but shakes not less than the most terrible photos. On each card is the name of a French Jew, date of birth, occupation and the name of the concentration camp where he was sent. The whole destiny of man - in a few words on a shabby card.