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Ménerbes: photo description (Menerbes)

This is life today in a small provençal village of Ménerbes seems calm and measured, and once she was completely different. For example, during the religious wars Ménerbes withstood the siege, which lasted five years, from 1573 at 1578. Protestants did Ménerbes his Bastion, strengthening local stronghold. Originally Minerbe housed a garrison of fifteen hundred people, but the number of Protestants grew, and besieging them Catholics. In the end, to withstand such a long siege, surrendered to the Protestants by signing the settlement agreement.

The municipality of Ménerbes is located in the Vaucluse Department of the Provence - Alpes - côte d'azur. It is located in the natural Park of Luberon, near the village there flow the river Kavalan and its tributary Emerg. The neighboring city of Avignon and Cavaillon. In the village resides more than a thousand people. Ménerbes is a member of the Association of most beautiful villages of the country.

The quiet life of the commune in the last century violated the English writer Peter Mehl, who lived in Menerbes and wrote about his life in Provence a few books ("a Year in Provence", "Provence forever"). His works made a good is a quiet Provencal villages and, in particular, Menerba, and began to come here many tourists. Peter Mail eventually moved to one of the nearby villages - Lourmarin, but his former home in Menerbes is still considered something of a landmark. History Menerba also associated with the names of several artists who lived here, Nicolas de Stael and coming Pablo Picasso.

Perhaps only in Manerba you can visit the Museum of wine corks - so interesting way it presents the history of winemaking, one of the main local crafts. The Museum has about a thousand exhibits. Also Menerba is a House of truffles and wine, where you can buy these exquisite products of local origin.

Perhaps the most ancient building in Menerba is a fortress of the XIII century, rebuilt in the XVI and XIX centuries and participated in the five-year siege. The local Church was built in the XIV century, a few kilometers from the village is the Abbey, founded in the XIII century.

In the vicinity Manerba you can find a lot of interesting, for example, the snails farm with the restaurant and the megalith - dolmen, Pisano.