/ / Metallic tower of Fourviere: photos, description (Tour metallique de Fourviere)

Metallic tower of Fourviere: photos, description (Tour metallique de Fourviere)

Metallic tower of Fourviere is one of the most interesting and relatively "young" sites in Lyon. The tower was built in the late XIX century and is an exact copy of the third tier of the Eiffel tower.

The tower is located near the Basilica Notre Dame de Fourviere and, one might say, appeared due to this temple. The Basilica was built in 1884, and Lyon Republicans were dissatisfied with the construction of the Cathedral. They decided to build in front of him a sample of another, the "Republican" architecture. The tower was approved by the municipal authorities, the work was done in the years 1892-1894 Grabar.

Tower of Fourviere came just five years after he opened the Eiffel tower in Paris. And Paris, and Lyon towers participated in the international exhibition. The tower, named after designer Gustave Eiffel, served as the entrance arch for the world exhibition of 1889. Lyon her the copy of the received visitors of the exhibition 1914.

The author of the project of this building was the architect surnamed GE, for which the tower served as an advertising design at its base Mr GE opened a restaurant. The tower was the highest point in Lyon, so visitors to the restaurant opened with a spectacular view of the city from the hill Fourviere. In the tower operated the Elevator and opened the observation deck.

The height of the tower constructed of metal, was nearly 86 meters. The weight of the structure was equal to 210 tons. The tower stands above the Rhône river, 350 metres - approximately the same amount rises above the Seine, the upper part of the Eiffel tower. Since 1953, the tower is used as a television and radio tower and closed to the public. This landmark is visible from anywhere in Lyon. To see it up close, you need to up the funicular to the Fourvière hill.