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Mirmande: pictures, description (Mirmande)

Mirmande - old village located in the Drôme Department of the rhône-Alpes region. She perched on one of the hills, surrounded by pine forests and stone walls, behind which are hidden the narrow, winding streets and old stone houses, and they live about five hundred local residents. Mirmande is among the most beautiful villages of France, and also received individual awards for the beauty of their roofs.

The village was founded in the XIII century, but by the early twentieth century have been the scene of the most joyous and flourishing. The revival of local life contributed to Parisian artist and sculptor, representative of cubist Andre Lot. In 1924 he was in Mirmande travel, but was very fascinated by the local scenery. Lot almost immediately bought a house in a village and became in the summer months to conduct classes for their students. Very soon the village began to arrive friends of the painter and colleagues. But Lot settled in here a few artists.

Before the great power of art Mirmande returned to active life, the locals engaged in the cultivation of fruits and silk production. The name of the village changed several times, but was always in tune with the current name, it was fixed in the XVII century.

Village Church, built in the XIII century, today serves as a venue for cultural events. The former home of Andre the Lot turned into a hotel. The interiors of this hotel and restaurant when it is decorated with paintings and reproductions of the Lot.