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Mittelbergheim: photo description (Mittelbergheim)

Mittelbergheim, a village lying at the foot of the Vosges mountains. It is located in the Alsatian Department of the Lower Rhine and is situated between the cities of Strasbourg and Colmar. The village is home to several hundred people. Mittelbergheim is a village popular tourist route "the Wine road of Alsace and the Association the most beautiful villages of France.

In addition Mittelbergheim, Alsatian "Wine road" are another 66 villages of Upper and Lower Rhine. The length of this route is 170 miles, which can meet more than thousands of wineries and try all the nice local wines - from Riesling to riverstage "Gewurztraminer" and others. Tourists traveling the "Wine road" in 1953, stopping in Mittelbergheim, Riquewihr, Turckheim, Eguisheim and other villages with obviously German names. "Wine road of Alsace is one of the first thematic and such long routes in France.

The lives of the inhabitants Mittelbergheim in the past century and currently has been and remains associated with winemaking. The main attractions here are the small wine cellars in which the wine not only taste, but also familiar with the peculiarities of its production, and, of course, buy as a tourist "trophy". Something where you can see ancient device used by the winemakers of the past - for example, old press for grapes or water pump.

Mittelbergheim is sometimes called Museum under the open sky, as on its streets preserved the charm of a small medieval town. Unlike some other small towns and villages, targeting tourists, the streets Mittelbergheim not "littered" with souvenir shops. If they are in this village, it is not allocated from the General medieval atmosphere.