/ / The monastery of the Grande Chartreuse: photo description (Grande Chartreuse)

The monastery of the Grande Chartreuse: photo description (Grande Chartreuse)

The first and main monastery of the Carthusian order of the Grande Chartreuse and today is an active. The monks living in it, most of the time in solitude and silence. Therefore, the monastery was closed to tourists, and even the movement of vehicles near it is prohibited. But two kilometers from the monastery in 1957, was opened the Museum of the Grande Chartreuse, where you can get an idea about the history of the monastery and the living conditions in it, the Museum even recreated the interiors of the monastic cells.

Over its centuries of existence the main Carthusian monastery has become famous as derived breed cats Chartreuse and the famous herbal liqueur recipe which is still kept secret, and herbal-based making for him in the monastery and sent for further production in Voiron.

The monastery is located in the isére Department of the rhône -Alpes region, near the town of Saint-Pierre-de-Chartreuse. The first monastery was built in XI century by St. Bruno of Cologne and several monks. First abode looked like a small settlement with a cruciform layout and a small Church. In the first half of the XII century, this humble abode was destroyed by an avalanche descended, and was later rebuilt at a different current. Subsequently, the monastery was several times burned, but it is hard to recover. Today in the monastery complex, the earliest buildings date from the fourteenth and the late seventeenth century.

Twice the monks were expelled from the monastery: during the great French revolution and at the beginning of the last century. Their final return to these walls occurred in the 40-ies of XX century.

In the monastery there are two churches - the Church of Notre-Dame-de-La-Salett of the XIX century and the Church of the Resurrection, the building in which lie the cells of the simple monks and management of the monastery, refectory, galleries, workshops and outbuildings. Before the monks created the liqueur Chartreuse, they were engaged in blacksmithing, farming and other crops, sheep breeding.