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The monastery on Mont Sainte-Odile: photos, description (Mont Sainte-Odile)

The person of the Holy Odile, in whose honor was named one of the peaks of the Vosges and the monastery on its slopes, was surrounded by many legends. According to one version of her biography, Odile was born into a noble family and was blind from birth. Her cruel father Adalric, impatiently awaiting the appearance of the heir, gave the order to kill the girl, but the mother hid it in one of the monasteries. As she was growing up, the Bishop Erhard of Regensburg was showed a sign that he baptizes the blind girl, and she'll see the light. Secretly, the Bishop came to Alsace and met Odile, dubbed it, and she really gained vision. After that, the father of Odile have not changed the temper justice with mercy and imprisoned her in another monastery, founded by mother Odilia Beresini.

All these events occurred in the second half of VII century. In the year 680 Odile became abbess of the convent, and her mother also retired to a monastery located at the foot of the mountain. Both women possessed the ability to perform miracles: using Odilia saints to see, and Beresina could turn water into wine. While Odile was attributed also the ability to conjure and portrayed her with the third eye on his forehead. Odile died in 720 and was buried in the chapel of the monastery.

The monastery of Saint Odile in the XVI century, has twice suffered serious damage, were looted and experienced a strong fire. In the years of the revolution was again destroyed and then rebuilt in the mid-NINETEENTH century. Currently, he is a major pilgrimage center.

The mountain on which the monastery is located on the territory of the Department of the Lower Rhine, near the border with Germany. Its height is 764 meters. The mountain also has a German version of the name Odiliënberg.

Besides the monastery, on the slopes of the mountain there is another historical monument - the so-called "pagan wall". This ten-mile wall, built of stone blocks. The wall height was about five meters, and the number of used blocks - about 300 thousand. The blocks were fastened together with a wooden mounts, whose analysis has allowed to establish that they were made from local oak in VII-VIII century. There are several theories about the purpose and time of construction of this building, but in General, the exact facts of the "biography" of the stone wall is not yet established.