/ / The Monastery Of St. Francis: photo description (Couvent Saint-Francois)

The Monastery Of St. Francis: photo description (Couvent Saint-Francois)

On the island of Corsica in the Middle ages was full of monasteries, primarily Franciscan order. Only monasteries, named after St. Francis, there were at least three. They were located in three communes - Morosaglia, Offers and Bonifacio. Such a great love for Corsica was used by St. Francis of Assisi - Italian preacher, founder of the order of mendicant monks. The earthly life of this man, begat in a wealthy family, surrounded by many legends, in particular, he is credited with many miracles, including healing the sick and raising the dead.

Convent Morosely in the XVIII century was closed, and its walls opened elementary school. Today the former convent houses the College. The monastery in the commune of Cervione, founded in the early XVI century, during the great French revolution, lost its status as a religious institution. In nationalized building was first placed soldiers, then turned it into a prison, and later was engaged in its walls the processing of tobacco and wine. In the present century from 2005 to 2010, the monastery has become a venue for international jazz music festival. Today, it is actually a platform for cultural events as well as fairs and weddings.

In the resort town of Bonifacio St. Francis monastery (also now inactive) is located near the cemetery of the sailors Maren, located on a high plateau. Presumably, the monastery was founded in XIII century, and the history of its creation contains the legend associated with Saint Francis - allegedly, he was looking for a shelter, but an ignorant woman almost threw the Wonderworker with buckets of mud. Having built the monastery in memory of Francis, residents of Bonifacio wanted to bring thus him to apologize. The best preserved building of the monastery is the Church.

In Bonifacio the name of St. Francis also named the Esplanade next to the monastery and cemetery, which is a great viewing point for the contemplation of the panorama of the Strait of Bonifacio and the neighbouring island of Sardinia.