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Mont Blanc: photo description (Mont Blanc)

One of the highest in Europe peaks - Mont Blanc - often become a disputed territory divided between France and Italy. Before the French revolution it was part of the Duchy of Savoy in the first half of the eighteenth century, was ceded to the Kingdom of Sardinia, and in the reign of Napoleon after his successful Italian campaign, along with the Savoy were transferred to France. Sardinia then regained Blanc with Savoy lands, but not for long. Finally, the White mountain became French in 1861 and since then is right on the border between the two States. However, the border is not an obstacle for skiers who can go down the slopes of nearby peaks from both France and Italy.

The height of Mont Blanc is 4810 meters above him in this part of the globe only located in the Caucasus, the Elbrus, the height of two peaks which is over 5600 meters. Mont Blanc in the Western Alps, belongs administratively to the region of Haute-Savoie (France) and Courmayeur (Italy). On its slope is situated the glacier Mer de Glace area of over 33 square kilometers, and total area of glaciers on Mont Blanc is about 200 square kilometers. Ski resorts in France and Italy links the cable car and the base of Mont Blanc was laid a road tunnel.

The surroundings of Mont Blanc are at the center of sports such as ski, mountaineering and trekking. On the French slope of the mountain is the resort of Chamonix, on the Italian - Courmayeur.

Ski resort in the Chamonix valley is considered the capital of winter sports and one of the oldest in Europe - its history counts more than two centuries. In the valley there are several areas for skiing, which bears the names of mountain peaks, which are located on the slopes of brévent, flégère, Les Houches, Le Grand-Mont and others. Another area for skiing called "the White valley" and includes a 22-kilometer downhill freeride one of the longest in the world. "Black" descent of LEU-Tyr - Vallorcine - Col de Balma) leads to the territory of Switzerland.

The ski season in the Chamonix valley starts in mid-December and lasts until the end of March, and in some places even until mid-may.