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Montbrun-Les-Bains: photo, description, (Montbrun-les-Bains)

Montbrun-Les-Bains is a picturesque old village on the South-East of France, the rhône - Alpes region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only 400 people.

This village is located on the mountain, the top of which is at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level. There was built the medieval citadel. Interestingly, almost all its streets are steep and winding. Hence and unique building houses a real way are at different levels. Most of these stone buildings, they were built in the XVI century. This gives the village a unique appearance.

The very commune is renowned for its picturesqueness - in a warm season it is as if immersed in the lavender fields, but not only that attracts tourists. Here are many Spa resorts and sanatoriums for people suffering from problems with the respiratory tract. Also there are well-developed agriculture, especially cheese-making. In early April, the city hosts a fun fair of cheese.

In this village survived a lot of ancient buildings, including two castles. It is worth noting city Church of Montbrun-Les-Bains, Dating back to the XII century. It is famous for its elegant interiors, including ornate altarpiece. Also of interest is the Clock tower of the XIV century, part of the defensive fortifications of the city. Its serrated top of it are a bell and a lantern in wrought iron.

It is curious that in the city is gracefully decorated with many fountains, some water is even drinkable. They were all furnished in the late XIX - early XX centuries. All there are 16 of these fountains, the oldest date back to 1841 and is located directly at the bell tower - the Clock tower.