/ / Mint: photo description (L'hotel des Monnaies)

Mint: photo description (L'hotel des Monnaies)

The mint is located in Avignon opposite the papal Palace and contrasts with it his finish, made in the Baroque style. Large carved on the façade, the inscription reads that it was built in 1619 by the Vice-Legat Jean-Francois de Bani (1614-1621) in honor of the then ruling Pope Paul V.

The first floor of the building, made of stone, lighted by four Windows and a doorway, but the rest of the facade without a single window is decorated with huge sculptures. Above the inscription, which are like the angels, is the coat of arms of Pope Paul V (born Camillo Borghese) and the papal tiara. And below, on either side of the inscription we can see the coat of arms of the Borghese dynasty, which depicts a eagle and a dragon, accented with rich garlands of fruit, that is a classic attribute of the Baroque style.

Probably, the Vice-Legat Jean-Francois de Bani, wanted to praise the legate of Avignon Scipione Caffarelli (1607-1621), nephew of the Pope, who later became the cardinal Scipione Borghese. He also became famous as a philanthropist and tireless art collector. Unfortunately, the archives were looted and lost. About the author the Italian facade of Avignon, which moved Rome to the banks of the rhône river" (J. Girard) over unknown.

Since 1860, it housed a music Conservatory named after the composer Olivier Messien (1908-1992), one of the most famous inhabitant of Avignon of the twentieth century. However, in 2007, the Conservatory was moved to another building.