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The Moncontour: photo, description, (Moncontour)

The Moncontour is a small town in the côtes-d'armor, Brittany. Nearby are the cities of Lamballe and Saint-Brieuc, located a few kilometers.

In Moncontour has less than a thousand people, and the town itself is a typical medieval village with its typical appearance and atmosphere. There are not too many attractions, including Church and tower, however, has the status of historical monuments, and the Museum of the movements of the chouans.

Church of Saint-Mathurin was built in the XVI century and was recognized as a monument in the late nineteenth century. Its special decoration of historic stained glass Windows. Monier tower was erected before the Church of the XV century and the monument began only in the first half of the XX.

The chouans Museum dedicated to the events of the late XVIII century, when there was a series of peasant uprisings in support of the monarchy. The first revolt broke out on the territory of the modern region of pays de La Loire, and then the movement has spread to other areas. On the significance of these uprisings was compared with the Vendée rebellion, and famous writers of the time honoré de Balzac and Victor Hugo was dedicated to the chouans and the vendée their works. The book "the Chouans, or Bretagne in 1799 was the first in the creative biography of Balzac, and Hugo spent chouans separate Chapter in the book "the Ninety-third year."

The main building of the town of Moncontour were constructed in the XVI-XVIII centuries, which may also be of interest to keen on the Ages of the traveler.