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Montmartre: photo description (Montmartre)

Montmartre - the former suburb of Paris, lying about 4.5 miles to the North of the Sieve. The city limits the former village came only in 1859. Today it is one of the most attractive places for tourists - here is the magnificent Basilica of the sacré Coeur, it offers an incredible view of Paris.

On a hill 130 meters people settled in the Neolithic period. In the days of the Gauls and Romans were pagan temples in honor of Mars and mercury. On the hill was mined gypsum, and the local quarries became the shelter for the first Christians. For preaching Christianity here was beheaded, the first Bishop of Paris, St. Dionysius (272 g.). Legend has it that executed picked up his own head, washed it and went about 6 miles before you fall - the place of his death was named Saint-Denis (today a suburb of Paris).

The Montmartre is rich in spiritual history. In the XII century the order of St. Benedict had built here a monastery, now the Church of the monastery of Saint-Pierre-de-Montmartre is one of the oldest in Paris. It is on Montmartre, Ignatius de Loyola founded in 1535, the Jesuits.

At the same time, the hill has a solid business history. Gypsum, the essential building material for centuries ensured the welfare of local residents. Grind its windmills. Alphonse Daudet wrote: "part of Montmartre is at any point of Paris.

But the real glory of Montmartre brought culture. Since the late nineteenth century, he attracted poor artists low prices. Here lived and worked Renoir, van Gogh, Toulouse-Lautrec, Utrillo, Picasso, Marriage, Modigliani. Poor master shot of the room in a hut, without electricity and gas, one water tap on five floors. Although the role of the main Bohemian quarter now moved to Montparnasse, Montmartre, place du Tertre continues to exhibit their work Parisian artists.

The Montmartre - many faces. On Rue Saint-Vincent has a vineyard, each year giving about thousands of rare bottles of Montmartre wine. Near the famous Moulin Rouge. And between the White squares of Paris is the equally famous red light district of Paris.


  • Location: Montmartre, Paris
  • The nearest metro station "Abbesses" line 12
  • Official website: http://www.montmartre-paris-france.com