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Monpazier: photo description (Monpazier)

The little village of Monpazier in the Aquitaine glorified her native Jean Galmier. Writer Blaise Cendrars wrote a book about him "ROM. The secret life of Jean Galmier", which was later made into a movie, "Jean Galmier, adventurer". Galmier lived in the beginning of the last century, was the owner of plantations in French Guiana and delivered in the metropolis rum and a pink tree. Writer Blaise Cendrars stayed in one of the houses of Monpazier, which was built in the late nineteenth century and served as a hotel.

Municipality located in Monpazier, Dordogne, in the tourist area of Purple Perigord and included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France".

The settlement was founded here in the thirteenth century and was a fortified village - Bastide. At that time, the Bastide was erected by the French and the British, reinforcing their possessions. The Bastide of Monpazier was built towards the end of the XIII century by order of the English monarch Edward the First, and its residents have been given some privileges. Even the name of the village means "the fortress on the hill." The modern municipality is one of the smallest by area in the Dordogne, but ranks second in the Department for population density.

Despite the fact that Bastide has managed relatively well to survive the religious wars of the XVI century, from the original fortified settlement to our time remained not so much - in particular, half of the gate, which there were six, and Central square, also called the "arcade area", around which were the construction of houses. The houses of the residents of Monpazier was built before the XVII century.

In addition, from the XIII to the XVI century the settlement was built the Church of St. Dominic. Among local attractions also include castle of Saint-Germain and the Chapter house, where he kept the collected taxes.