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Montparnasse: photos, description (Montparnasse)

Montparnasse is a district in the South of Paris, the former outskirts of the city. Glory he brought writers, artists, sculptors of the 20-ies of the last century.

Actually the Boulevard Montparnasse was built in the XVIII century. In the years of the French revolution, the quarter was not politicized - there arose many cabarets and dance halls. In Montparnasse believe that the cancan and polka were born here.

At the end of the XIX century in the quarter stretched the creative intelligentsia of the Old and New world, attracted by the cheapness of the life here. Artists was so much that one of the most famous of their sanctuaries was called the Hive (la Ruche). In different decades in Montparnasse lived and worked Picasso, Matisse, Modigliani, Chagall, Apollinaire, Hemingway, Faulkner, Scott Fitzgerald. A quarter of hospitality enjoyed not only the Creator in his the streets were immigrants, Lenin, Trotsky, Petlyura. Two times people came here Mayakovsky.

Artists are the owners of a local cafe were allowed to sit at the tables as much as necessary. If the money to pay was not, in payment for taking pictures. So there was a very good collection.

A heavy blow to the area caused the Second world war - artists and writers partly fled from the occupation, was partially destroyed by the Nazis. After the war, the Montparnasse has failed to restore its former glory.

Now here is the business quarter. The most famous building is, without a doubt, business center of Paris with a height of 210 metres is the tallest structure in Paris. Until the mid XX century there was a small station, in 1972 it was demolished. Instead built a building which the locals immediately dubbed the ugliest. It was considered a planning error, the municipality has forbidden to build skyscrapers in the centre of Paris. So far there have been demonstrations demanding the demolition of the building. Nevertheless, the observation deck on the top of the tower is considered one of the best.

Montparnasse cemetery is one of the most famous in Paris. Here there are the tombs of Baudelaire, Sartre, Ionesco, mathematician Poincare, lexicographer Larousse, populist Lavrov. Nearby a large area is a famous Roman Catholic College Stanislas.