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Monteiro: photos, description (Montpeyroux)

Monteiro - a picturesque medieval village situated to the South of the centre of France, in the Auvergne region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". It is home to only 351 people.

The town is first and foremost the fact that it housed the family castle of the local feudal noble family of de La Tour Auvergne. One of his representatives, Madeleine married Lorenzo II de ' Medici, and the marriage they had a daughter Catherine, who later became the famous Catherine de Medici, wife of French king Henry II and the mother of three other kings.

The village is built on the banks of the river. During the archaeological excavations it was discovered that the first settlement appeared here in the VI century BC. A fortified citadel was built on the rocky top of a hill in the XI century. Known the exact date of the first documentary mention of the town in 1212 king Philip II Augustus gave these lands into the possession of the first Lord de La Tour Auvergne.

Among the city's fortifications preserved 5 observation towers, and entrance gates to gate a clock tower served as a belfry. This architectural ensemble was built in the XIV century and since 1951, is a monument of history and culture of France. On the other, the South side, the fortress was fortified, as there was already a steep rocky cliff. The castle remained a powerful ancient donjon, built in the late XII century and representing the typical defensive architecture of the time of king Philip II Augustus. This tower was habitable - it was where lived the lords of the castle, but also it housed a warehouse, both of products and ammunition. The donjon is one of the oldest in the country and is also a monument of history and culture of France.

Around the village held another external wall. Here are a lot of medieval houses, built of yellow Sandstone. The city has two churches - a new parish Church was built in 1840, and in the ancient Romanesque Basilica of pilgrims stopped. She is nave and its vaulted ceilings supported by powerful columns, topped with a variety of carved capitals.