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Morgat: photo description (Morgat)

Morgat is a picturesque village on the North - West of France, Brittany region. Interestingly, the area is located on the territory of the Western Department of the country of Finistère, whose name means "land's end". The nearest major town is the capital of the Department is Quimper, which is about 50 kilometers.

In 1976 there were carried out archaeological excavations prove the presence here of the ancient Romans - were found coins of III century of our era. However, more than a thousand years Morgat was a an unremarkable fishing village. Only in 1880 there was a balneological seaside resort, immediately became wildly popular among the French elite. Began a massive building, and Morgat turned into a real city. Among the buildings of that time it should be noted the Villa ker-ar-Pants, better known as the "Eifel House". She was built by Gustave Eiffel, the author of the famous Eiffel tower in Paris. The building itself was completed in the 90-ies of the XIX century, and interestingly, its walls lined with black-and-white metal. It is still inhabited by people. In addition, in the city there are many rich villas built at the junction of the XIX and XX centuries.

In the mid-twentieth century Morgat became an important trading center and get more profit by selling tuna and sardines. But still the main source of income of this town is tourism, especially marine - sailing, kayaking, surfing. There was a lot of sandy beaches and several restaurants with fine French cuisine.

Morgat is part of the larger commune of Crozon, famous for its spectacular music festivals. Also in this area is a lot of megaliths and other monuments of the Neolithic period.