/ / Marymoncka Abbey: photos, description Abbaye de Morimond)

Marymoncka Abbey: photos, description Abbaye de Morimond)

Abbey Marimon is among the five most ancient and important monasteries of the Cistercian order.

The Cistercian order was founded in 1098 by separation from the Benedictine order. The founder of the Cistercians was Saint Robert Maleski, who laid the first monastery - the monastery of Citeaux. A few years later was founded four monasteries, Clairvaux, Pontigny, La Ferté and Moremon, which formed the panel, ruled all the Affairs of the order under the supervision of the Pope personally.

Marimon was founded in the same year as the Abbey of La Ferté- 1115-M. the Role its founder played count Ulric d Egremont, and the first Abbot was the monk named Arnold arrived in the new monastery with a few brethren of the Sieve. Very soon the monastery Marimon began to lay numerous branch of the monastery, including the territory of modern Germany and Austria. Such activities Abbey actively pursued until the late eighteenth century, all of Marimon was established seven monasteries, both male and female. In addition, Marymoncka Abbey oversaw multiple knightly orders. For comparison: in our days the Cistercian order has only 78 monasteries.

The Abbey was several times devastated and destroyed. For the first time this happened in the era of religious wars, and then in the seventeenth century during the Thirty years war. The third time the Abbey suffered during the great French revolution and was finally liquidated.

To date, the once mighty Abbey is preserved a fragment of the Church which have escaped destruction during the revolution, but went into decline in the next century, and the chapel of St. Ursula of the XV century, the gates and library, Dating from XVIII century, and several buildings.