/ / Marine aquarium: a photo, description Seaquarium du Grau-du-Roi)

Marine aquarium: a photo, description Seaquarium du Grau-du-Roi)

Le Grau du ROI is a small town overlooking the Mediterranean sea, located in the South of France, Languedoc - Roussillon. It is famous for its salt marshes, which brought the main income to this village. Then the city was chosen by the tourists - they are attracted a pleasant Maritime climate of the region and the opportunity to see a live wild flamingos, these birds just lived in the local swamps. It is not surprising that in Le Grau du ROI, began a wild pace to develop tourism, including Maritime: it has several beaches and various entertainment venues.

One of them is marine aquarium Seaquarium was opened in 1989. Now there are more than 200 different species. There is a separate section dedicated to marine flora and fauna typical for the Mediterranean region, but sufficient time is given to the inhabitants of the tropical seas and oceans. Here you can find brightly colored fish-clowns, and frightening creatures living on the seabed, and funny sea cucumbers and even a "living fossil", the Nautilus, whose appearance has not changed in 500 million years of its existence. Among other species here also are the octopus and the enchanting but dangerous jellyfish.

The pride of the aquarium is its collection of murderous predators, bloodthirsty sharks and stingrays. There are only 25 of these species. The aquarium has set a goal to protect these unique animals that are destroyed by man. The largest specimen contained in the tank reaches more than two meters in length, but there is every chance that it will continue to grow. Therefore, sharks are equipped with special, large and spacious enclosures.

Here are other, much less dangerous sea mammals - funny and amusing seals, which is especially popular among children. For kids, by the way, there is multiple playgrounds, various attractions and even educational classes.

The Maritime aquarium at Le Grau du ROI is open year round and seven days a week, the only day off falls on Christmas, December 25.