/ / Marine aquarium of Tregastel: photo description Aquarium marin de Tregastel)

Marine aquarium of Tregastel: photo description Aquarium marin de Tregastel)

Tregastel is a small municipality in the Northwest of France, Brittany region. The first fortified buildings appeared here in the XII century, and in the course of archaeological excavations were found megaliths, Dating back more than 4 thousand years.

The town is washed by the waves of the English channel, and the area is characterized by rocky terrain, among the minerals especially stands a pink granite. In the middle of a stone massif, and is the city sea life aquarium. Interestingly, one such block of stone weighs more than 5 tons.

In 1869 at the initiative of the local priest here was built a small chapel, which after his death has lost its sacred purpose and became a residential house. In 1877 there was constructed a few houses, inhabited by urban fishers and their families. During the German occupation it housed a military depot, and after the Second world war there was a archaeological Museum. Marine aquarium exists in this location only since 1967. The entrance is decorated with a statue of God the Father, preserved since 1869.

Collection of aquarium devoted mainly to marine flora and fauna living on the Breton coast: fish, crustaceans, rays and small invertebrates. The Museum consists of three floors. On the ground floor you can admire the elegant water lilies, water lilies and other coastal plants. At the top there is an exhibition dedicated to the inhabitants of the seabed.

The aquarium is equipped with modern equipment and offers loads of fun and even educational classes for children. For example, for educational purposes were designed layout explaining the nature of the tides. The aquarium is only open in the warm season, from November to February it is closed.