/ / Maritime Museum: photo, description, Estran Cite de la mer)

Maritime Museum: photo, description, Estran Cite de la mer)

Dieppe - Norman town, located on the North-West of France and grew out of the fishing villages. It was founded in 1030. Throughout the history of this small settlement became an important strategic port center, 1774 lead a constant trade with England. In 1848 a railroad was connecting Dieppe with the French capital, Paris. The city became a place of fighting during the Second world war, while the main beach of the city, converted into a mine field, more than ten years was available. But now Dieppe again pleases tourists for its beaches and other recreational opportunities associated with water and the sea.

For example, the city opened a centre "cité de La Mer" (Cité de la mer), which translated from French means "city by the sea". This building combines Maritime Museum, aquarium and science center, which is dedicated to the conservation of marine flora and fauna. At the moment scientists are working, busy breeding rare for this region species of jellyfish.

The collection of the Museum dedicated to the history of shipping and navigation, from the most ancient times. Here you can admire the models of various ships, including the famous "Drakkar" - wooden warships of the Vikings. Worthy of attention is paid to how the ancient Maritime transport, and the very modern, made in the twentieth century. Also describes about the technology of their production, all rooms for convenience, equipped with interactive screens, so popular among children and students. In the Museum are the fishing tools - from the most primitive to the newest. Also here there are five aquariums.

In addition, this Museum can be called as local history, visitors can see the geological structure of the coastal cliffs and various useful minerals mined here.

It should be noted that this centre is open all year round, but in summer tourists are invited to a special tour along the coast, the cost of which is included in the ticket price.