/ / Maritime Museum of Brest: photo description (Musee national de la Marine de Brest)

Maritime Museum of Brest: photo description (Musee national de la Marine de Brest)

The national Maritime Museum in Brest is located in the walls of the historical and architectural monument of the Brest castle, built on the banks of Penfeld on the site of the Roman fortifications of the III century. Its construction lasted until the XII century, the final reconstruction of the castle was carried out only in the eighteenth century. The castle is located opposite the tower of Tanguy - other ancient fortifications of Brest.

The building of the castle is remarkable in itself - first, as one of the fortresses, the fortified court military architect Sebastian Le Petrom de Vauban, and secondly, as the oldest in the world operating military facility. Part of the castle is closed for visits, because there is the headquarters of Maritime command Atlantic coast of France and the Maritime Prefecture.

The castle consists of seven towers, connected to each other by thick stone wall. In the middle of the building rises another fortress from the dark underground "apartment" and a chapel. In the southern part of the castle, you can see fragments of stone masonry work made by the Romans. From the high grounds of that part of the castle, where permitted tourists to climb up the harbour of Brest and you can even see the base of the French Navy.

The Museum located in the castle, dedicated to the naval history of the city. Here you can see models of ancient and modern ships, sculptures of the famous sea travelers that are sculptural and pictorial works, United by a nautical theme, nautical instruments, wooden bow decoration of the ships of the past centuries. The Museum tour begins in front of the walls of the castle, as some of the exhibits in the open air - as, for example, the German small submarine U-boat during the Second world war, after its completion held in the service of the French Navy.