/ / The sea Museum in Biarritz: photo description (Musee de la Mer)

The sea Museum in Biarritz: photo description (Musee de la Mer)

The sea Museum in Biarritz near the city centre. He stands in front of the cliffs of the Madonna. Built in the first half of the twentieth century, the building is easy to recognize the characteristic features of the art Deco style - clear and strong lines, restrained façade, a narrow elongated Windows. At the end of the last century, the Museum building was restored. The first such exhibition in Biarritz was founded in 1871 on the initiative of the Marquis Leopold de Folen participating in studies of the Bay of Biscay.

The interior of the Museum is divided into four levels, which are about two and a half dozen aquariums. It is inhabited by about 150 species of fish and marine animals, which inhabit mainly the Bay of Biscay.

Apart from living sea creatures in the Museum you can also see skeletons of large marine mammals (whales and dolphins), which was found on the shore. They are presented in the lowest level, there are also exhibitions on the history of whaling and fishing. About these types of activities tell documents, photos and movies.

On another level there is a "Cave sharks", another level is reserved seals, and sea lions. An entertainment show with their participation, visitors to the Museum be allowed to be present when feeding animals. The real "stars" of the Museum are the seals, their ideas always attract many spectators, and the audience even known the names of these six pinnipeds artists.

The Museum presents and other inhabitants of the Bay - turtles, molluscs and crustaceans. A few years ago, the Museum has installed a new aquarium, populated by marine species in the Caribbean, North Atlantic and Indo-Pacific area.