/ / Maritime Museum of La Rochelle: photo description (Musee maritime de La Rochelle)

Maritime Museum of La Rochelle: photo description (Musee maritime de La Rochelle)

La Rochelle is a port city in the West of France, in the Poitou - Charentes region. It is washed by the waves of the Bay of Biscay. The settlement is famous for its history - it was founded in the X century to the XV century and was the largest port in the country. From 1568 became a centre of the Huguenots in France, and in 1628 took the famous siege of La Rochelle by the troops of king Louis XIII. However, the economic impact of the city have not disappeared, and he has long served as the main supplier of colonial goods to all parts of the country.

The city has preserved many ancient buildings, including the picturesque Old harbour of La Rochelle. However, for tourists it provides all kinds of entertainment. Also here you will find several museums with very interesting collections.

Is, for example, note the Maritime Museum of La Rochelle. It is located directly under the open sky on the territory of the old harbour, intended for fishing boats. The Museum was opened in 1988. His collection consists of several ships, six of which were declared monuments of history and culture of France. While the ships differ in their functions and creation date. Is, for example, mark fine antique three yachts made before the Second world war. You can also explore the fishing boat, a frigate that served for meteorological observation and a powerful tug. Thanks to the partners of the Museum here appeared similar ships of the same era from other countries like Scotland or Denmark.

Especially pay attention to the elegant sailing ship, named Joshua. It was completed in 1960 and is still in use - it you can ride. However, the ticket price is really a walk along the coast of La Rochelle - only catamaran.

Maritime Museum of La Rochelle opened in the warm season - in the middle of autumn it is already closed.