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Mortar: photos, description (Mortemart)

Mortimer is a beautiful old village in the centre of France located in the Limousin region. It is included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". Here live more than a hundred people.

The first medieval fortified buildings appeared here in 995. However, this fortress was destroyed by British troops in the XIV century. It was rebuilt at a different location, but soon Louis XIII ordered its utter destruction. Until XX century it was in ruins, but then they were dismantled.

From 1205, the settlement passed into the hands of a noble French family Rochechouart de Mortemart, the representative of which was the famous Marquise de Montespan, mistress of king Louis XIV.

Major restructuring of the city occurred in 1330, it was initiated by the local priest, received the title of cardinal - Pierre Gauvin. He founded three monasteries - Augustinian, Carmelite and Carthusian. Over the centuries, they lost their religious purpose, and the latter a convent and disappeared from city maps, but the stone monastery buildings have survived to this day. They give the settlement a unified, unique look.

Among the local attractions worth noting the main Church of the former Augustinian monastery. This Church was built in the XIII century and features a luxurious interior decoration, notably its Baroque altarpiece and the choir, made in the flamboyant Gothic style. The monastery was completely rebuilt in the XVIII century and is more reminiscent of a small Palace than a religious building. He is now a private residence. In addition, the city has preserved many stone homes of the rich and houses of XV-XVII centuries and a unique wooden covered market in the main square of the settlement.