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Moss: photos, description (Mosset)

One of the oldest buildings in the municipality of moss - the chapel Notre-Dame-de-Corbiac. It was built in the XI century to our time preserved in a dilapidated condition. The chapel was part of a monastery that belonged to various monastic orders - the Holy Trinity and Wilson. The chapel was rebuilt several times, but during the great French revolution, the monastery was abandoned and its buildings gradually fell into disrepair. Today the chapel is owned by private individuals who are concerned with the restoration of her face. One of the features of the chapel is the wall painting of the XVI-XVII centuries.

Moss municipality, located in the pyrénées-Orientales region Languedoc - Roussillon, thanks to the chapel and other structures that represent cultural and historical value, included in the Association "Most beautiful villages of France". One of the closest cities - Perpignan. Close to moss, there are several villages among the most beautiful - including Villefranche-de-Conflent and Castelnou. Villages located in this area, can provide travelers with interesting examples of Catalan architecture.
Another ancient commune moss Church of St - Julien, it belongs to the Romanesque period, but modern visitors can only appreciate the beauty of its ruins. Near the village is located a couple of churches that date back to the XVI century. Also in ruins are the former Abbey of St. Maria (XII century) and the castle of the XI century moss.

Besides the ancient ruins, in moss you can visit the Museum of perfume, which is located in the tower in the center of the village. It presents the history of the local perfume production and other crafts. The Museum shop of the perfume and next to it a garden where they grow aromatic plants.