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Pont Alexandre III: photo description (Pont Alexandre III)

Pont Alexandre III is considered the most graceful and elegant bridge in Paris. It was built in honor of the Franco-Russian Alliance, and is named after the Russian Tsar, who was the initiator of the Alliance. The first stone of construction was laid by Nicholas II, son of Alexander III, and opened the bridge in the presence of the Russian Ambassador Lev Urusov.

Build a new ferry for the world exhibition of 1900 as part of a massive redevelopment of the Western part of Paris. As a result, the Grand Palais and Petit Palais, and in between the Alexander III bridge, connects the Esplanade des Invalides and the Champs-élysées district. The bridge height does not exceed 6 meters, so as not to overshadow the majestic panorama on both sides of the Seine.

As well as the palaces, the bridge was built in the Beaux arts, and so richly and lavishly decorated: the sculptures of Pegasi, cherubim, spirits of water, nymphs of the Seine and the Neva, the Golden coat of arms of France and Russia, lights. All decorations are made by different artists. At the entrances to the bridge tower four semnadtsatimetrovy post with a radiant gold-plated statues that symbolize certain periods of French history. These pillars - an example of a reasonable combination of beauty and utility: in fact, they are counterweights to counterbalance a massive arch.

Thus, the magnificent decoration of the bridge combined with the latest engineering solutions. Steel arch bridge was one of the world's first precast elements were produced in the factories of Le Creusot, and then on barges, transported to Paris, where there were already prepared a huge, the entire width of the Seine, the crane.

The Pont Alexandre III is a "brother" in St. Petersburg Trinity bridge across the Neva with a very similar decor. It was designed by the firm of Eiffel and built by the firm "Batignolles", and its first stone was laid by the then French President Felix Faure.