/ / Bridge Alma: photo description (the Pont de l'alma)

Bridge Alma: photo description (the Pont de l'alma)

Pont de l'alma is known primarily by the fact that in the tunnel underneath killed Princess Diana. On the night of 31 August 1997 the Princess with her friend Dodi al fayeed left the Ritz to meet death. Ten minutes later, the car goes from motorcycles paparazzi at a speed of 200 kilometers per hour, crashed into a support tunnel.

Crowds of people went to the scene of the tragedy to honor the memory of the Princess. Above the tunnel, at the entrance to the bridge is the Flame of Liberty - a gold-plated replica of the torch of the statue of Liberty, a gift to America from France, a sign of friendship between the two countries. It was here people began to put mountains of flowers.

Now many people think that the torch - a monument to Diana. Perhaps it is a little insulting and France, and America. (The mayor of Paris is offended - it is necessary to remove graffiti, clean up the bouquets, to monitor the safety of the sculpture.) Anyway, in 2008, in the courtyard of the U.S. Embassy in France was the new Flame of Liberty. Sculpture by Jean Cardo opened in the presence of presidents Nicolas Sarkozy and George Bush.

However, the bridge of Alma is interesting not only because of the raging underneath tragedy. Opened in 1856, it was named in honor of the victory of the Franco-British coalition of Russian troops in the battle on the Alma river, the first major battle of the Crimean war.

From four sides under the bridge were sculptures of soldiers involved in the battle of the Alma, the obvious one is the sunglasses (soldier of the French colonial troops, Grenadier, infantryman and artilleryman. After reconstruction in 1970-ies were only obvious one is the sunglasses, the rest of the statues are now in other places. To remove the obvious one is the sunglasses it was impossible is legendary for Parisians the figure: it was determined the water level in the Seine. If water covered the feet of the obvious one is the sunglasses, the police blocked the passage to the river, and if the water reached the thighs, stopped the navigation. During the famous flood that occurred in Paris in January of 1910, the water reached the shoulders of obvious one is the sunglasses! The flood lasted about two months, the city was flooded so that it was only possible to swim. The water rose by 8.6 meters. There was a set photo: people traveling around Paris by boat, crossing the street at a makeshift narrow bridge. There is a photo of the obvious one is the sunglasses sticking out of water.

Now for the official definition of the water level in the Seine using a different bridge Tournelle, but Parisians know that the easiest way to look at the obvious one is the sunglasses under the bridge Alma.