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Bridge Wilson: photos, description Pont Wilson)

The symbol of the city of Tours, situated on the banks of the Loire river, is a bridge that after the First world war was named after U.S. President Thomas Woodrow Wilson.

The bridge was built in the second half of the eighteenth century, and his fate was not too prosperous - was caving, explosions and other troubles. Most "noted" the next (and last) collapse and its 200-year anniversary since the construction - it happened in 1978. Every such nuisance invariably ended with restoration work, so the bridge has managed to maintain its original appearance.

The design of the bridge, there are 15 arches. The bridge has two large marble vases, which were made for the pagoda Chantelou, built in the XVIII century for the Duke of Amboise Etienne Choiseul located in Amboise. After the revolution the building of the pagoda was nationalized and has not been able to find a buyer, so the subjects of its decoration was gradually sold out and appeared in different parts of France.

During the First world war, the Tour stayed away from the main battles, but the city was hosting the allies - there was American troops.

Woodrow Wilson, after whom the bridge got its name, was the 28th President of the United States and the first President of the United States, who visited Europe on an official visit. Wilson was known as a supporter of diplomatic negotiations and conflict resolution in a peaceful way. The proposals made by them at the Paris peace conference, became the basis of the Treaty of Versailles, which is the document that officially ended the First world war. The efforts of Woodrow Wilson for peace was awarded the Nobel peace prize in 1919.