/ / The bridge de La Tournelle: photo description (the Pont de la Tournelle)

The bridge de La Tournelle: photo description (the Pont de la Tournelle)

The bridge de La Tournelle appears in the novel by Dumas "the Three Musketeers" in a funny episode. On this bridge he saw Porthos Planchet, who spat in the water and watched the dispersing circles. Porthos decided that this lesson speaks of the inclination to contemplation and judgment, and offered Planchet as a servant d'artagnan.

Well, from the bridge de La Tournelle connects to the Ile Saint-Louis with the left Bank of the Seine, there is something to behold. Planchet could not only spit in the water, but also to admire the beautiful view of East arrow Ile de La Cité and Notre-Dame de Paris.

Since then, it took almost four centuries and the views are still beautiful. However, the bridge is not the same. The crossing at this location had been changed several times. The first wooden, was built in the XIV century. It was washed away by the flood of 1651. Five years later the bridge was rebuilt in stone. He stood for a long time, though it was often beat by ice. In 1918, the bridge had to be demolished because the flood of 1910 he was too damaged.

In 1928 there was built the current bridge. The architects brothers Pierre and Louis Guidetti was a difficult task: to enter the design in a unique landscape, given that this segment of the Seine - one of the most difficult in Paris to shipping. The brothers wanted to emphasize the asymmetry of the river, which left the pier built a monumental view of the pylon 14 metres high. On top of the pylon is the statue of St. Genevieve-known sculptor landowski Field (he created the statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro).

SV. Genevieve is the patroness of Paris. In the year 451, when the city was threatened by invading Europe Attila, a young flawless Christian Genevieve predicted that Paris would be saved. Citizens didn't believe her and even wanted to kill him, but Attila did leave from Paris. Later, when the city five years were under the siege of Clovis, Genevieve organized the delivery of food to starving people - led caravan of eleven ships with victuals.

SV. Genevieve looks down from the bridge de La Tournelle into the distance, protecting maternal gesture of a child standing at her feet. This baby - Paris.