/ / Arc de Triomphe: photo description (Passerelle Debilly)

Arc de Triomphe: photo description (Passerelle Debilly)

Pedestrian bridge of Paris was built as the Eiffel tower for the universal exhibition, only in 1900, and became the second metal structure, illustrating the technological advances of the era. In a sense, he repeated the fate of the tower was conceived as a temporary structure, but remained forever.

In the design of the second world exhibitions focused on art. A luxury Grand Palais, Petit Palais, Alexander III bridge- all in a magnificent Beaux arts. On the quay near the Eiffel tower stood a Grand thematic pavilions, and opposite, on the right Bank, with the restored medieval quarter of Old Paris, " went to the Alma bridge. To help visitors to get from the pavilion of the army and Navy to "Old Paris" and built this temporary, as were the bridge.

Its industrial style does not quite fit into the design concept. The architect Louis-Jean Resal ' put on two stone pier metal frame and decorated it with dark green ceramic tiles, which was to create the impression of the ripples on the waves. The bridge looked pretty brutal.

Perhaps the French were comforted by the fact that this crossing, like the tower, here temporarily. However, six years later, the bridge just moved, eight - gave him the name in honor of French General Jean-Louis of Paris, just in time for the centenary of his death in the battle of Jena. Bridge everyone stood and stood. In 1941, however, above it hangs the threat - President of the architectural society made disparaging comments about him as a forgotten accessory of a past event. However, the building successfully survived until 1966, when it was finally included in the supplementary registry of historical monuments along with the Alexander III bridge and the Austerlitz viaduct (bridge over the Seine).

In 1991, the bridge was repainted, and in 1997 - newly paved, sidewalk laid hardwood, tropical hardwood. It is now unlikely going this way people remember that he was once temporary or unsuitable. Now it's just a nice and convenient pedestrian bridge.