/ / Bridge Jacques-Gabriel: photo description (the Pont Jacques-Gabriel)

Bridge Jacques-Gabriel: photo description (the Pont Jacques-Gabriel)

Stone bridge in Blois, thrown across the Loire river, bears the name of its author - a famous French architect of the eighteenth century by Jacques-Gabriel. By the time of the construction of this bridge Jacques Gabriel for several years held the title of chief Royal architect. Another creation of the master in Blois was recognized at the same time elegant and outstanding.

In addition, Jacques Gabriel is one of the representatives of a dynasty of architects, which was continued by his son Jacques-ange Gabriel, who became the author of the projects of Exchange square in Bordeaux, the North wing of the Louvre, the Small Trianon and the Palace of the Opera of Versailles, the place de La Concorde in Paris and other prominent structures.

Bridge Jacques-Gabriel is located half a kilometer from the castle of Blois. It connects Blois with the suburb of Vienne. The construction of the bridge lasted eight years, from 1716 to 1724. The place for construction was chosen in 70 metres upstream of the Loire river from the old bridge, which stood for about six centuries, but in 1716 was washed away during severe floods.

The new bridge consisted of 11 arches of different length, a total length of nearly 300 meters. The length of a span was from 16 to 26 metres. The bridge has survived the French revolution and three wars in the XIX and XX centuries - the Franco-Prussian, First and Second world war. While military action has been repeatedly destroyed separate arch bridge but not the bridge itself. Damage eliminated over and over again, and today guests Blois can see is a solid structure almost intact.

The decoration of the bridge was a stone spire topped with a cross. It is installed in the Central part of the bridge, height of spire equal to approximately 15 meters.