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The Pont des Arts: photos, description (Pont des Arts)

One of the most beautiful Parisian types opens with the pedestrian Pont des Arts. The tourist who loves Hiking, you should definitely come here, stand in the middle of the bridge and look around. His eyes gaze at the breathtaking scenery: on one side the Louvre, on the other - the dome of the Institut de France, the Museum d'orsay looks to the ubiquitous Eiffel tower, good view of the spires of the Ile de La Cité, other bridges, the embankments with the tents of booksellers. And, of course, the actual Seine with its barges and tourist boats.

The Pont des Arts looks very romantic, despite its apparent simplicity. The metal arches are on six concrete piers, lined with stone. Support brutal, arches, tracery, and appear to be weightless. Boardwalks and benches in the middle give a sufficiently long (155 meters) the bridge is extremely comfortable.

The name of the bridge built by order of Napoleon in the years 1801-1804, received from the Louvre, which at the beginning of the XIX century was called the Palace of arts. It was the first metal bridge in Paris, and he seemed then still more romantic than it is now - like a hanging garden with bushes, flowers and benches. On the opening day of the crossing rushed here 64000 Parisians, despite the fact that the first bridge was paid - the passage is worth one soo.

At the end of the XIX century the bridge was rebuilt and enlarged. During the world wars it was badly damaged by bombing, and in peacetime - from collisions of barges with piers. In 1981 to 1984, the bridge rebuilt under the direction of architect Louis Arretche, that work was based on the original plans.

Now the bridge is working painters, photographers, occasionally hosts exhibitions. In the summer, following an amazing tradition, people put on the Pont des Arts picnic. Benches on all comers is not enough, spread tablecloths directly on the wooden sidewalk. Usually these picnics is carried out before sunset to enjoy the surrounding views in the soft evening light.

In recent years, there is another, new-to-Paris idea is to hang on the bridges, including the Pont des Arts, "locks of love". City hall is trying to fight this tradition, disfiguring world-famous monuments.