/ / The bridge of Jena: photo description (Pont d'iena)

The bridge of Jena: photo description (Pont d'iena)

On the bridge of Jena offers one of the most Parisian types - right on the foot of the Eiffel tower. At the bridge an unusual story: his name nearly caused its destruction.

The bridge overlooking the field of Mars, ordered the construction of Napoleon in 1807. The Emperor rejected the proposed names - bridge the Champs de Mars or Military school - in favor of the name, grishevo his vanity: the bridge of Jena. In 1806 Napoleon's troops in Jena won a brilliant victory over the Prussian army. The day of the battle was a disaster and a disgrace to Prussia, and Napoleon, in his words, one of the happiest days of his life.

For the happy days black came in 1814 in Paris included the allied forces. By this time, the engineer Corneille Laman just completed five-arched stone bridge, commissioned by the Emperor. Among the winners was the Prussian General Blucher, once took part in the battle of Jena. Seeing the bridge, named in honor of the battle, Blucher was furious and planned to blow it up. Saved crossing only the intervention of the allies and, as the legend says, the person of Louis XVIII - he allegedly said that the bridge will blow up only with him. So the bridge was just renamed Yes, I did the proud Imperial eagles that adorned the tympanum. Instead they established a Royal letter L.

However, in France the XVIII- XIX centuries the situation changed rapidly. After the revolution of 1830 the bridge was returned the historic name, and after the accession to the throne of Napoleon III in 1852 - the eagles. In 1853, at the entrance to the bridge put four sculptures of Gallic, Roman, Arabic and Greek warriors. Dismounted riders are on the powerful pylons near their horses and look very monumental, in this case from a distance resembles klodowski horses on the Anichkov bridge in St. Petersburg. All soldiers are made by different sculptors - Auguste Overcome, Louis-Joseph House, Jean-Jacques and Francois Upscale Devo.

The steps leading from the bridge to the embankment, known among movie fans as the "Renault stairs": it is for him in the movie "View to a kill, jumped down a taxi in Reno, stolen by James bond in pursuit of the killer.