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Bridge, Marie: photos, description (Pont Marie)

Marie bridge connecting the island Saint-Louis with the right Bank of the Seine, is the second oldest bridge of Paris after the Pont-Neuf. If this Marie is not a girl's name, as one would assume, and the name of the Builder.

When in the early seventeenth century engineer and entrepreneur Christophe Marie began to urbanizirovan two unoccupied island near the island of the Cité, he, of course, needed to connect the new quarter to the city. The first stone bridge was laid by Louis XIII in 1614.

The bridge was erected 21 years. After its opening, received many suggestions about how to build on it at home, as it was made. Reasonable Marie was opposed, however, in spite of this, a carpenter Claude Double built on a bridge about fifty houses. The flood of March 1, 1658 demolished twenty of them, killing sixty people. Two arches of the bridge on the inland side of the flood also destroyed. It is believed that this is the fault of the disagreement between those who are responsible for the technical condition of the bridge, and home owners, because of their structure simply are not repaired. In 1660 restored the arch, but not at home, and partially "naked" axle began to look weird. Besides, arch has set the wooden, and the passage made to pay - thus collected funds for the construction of the stone crossing. For ten years, managed to raise the money and build a stone bridge.

In 1740 the house was still on the bridge Marie, demolished, fearing new disasters, and in 1769 it was decided to demolish all the houses in all the Parisian bridges (completely this was done to 1788).

For three hundred years Marie has not practically changed. Like most old stone bridge, a little declined his "hump", but it had almost no effect on appearance. And the view is unusual in that all five arches of different width and height; the niches in the piers where and asks some statues were always empty.

Guides on the tour boats claim that Marie is a bridge of lovers, according to tradition, once under it, you have to kiss a man, standing next and make a wish. Although these claims are no historical grounds, the efforts of guides this tradition really gradually established.