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Pont de Pierre: photos, description (Pont de Pierre)

The Pont de Pierre, or Stone bridge) in Bordeaux connects the left and right banks of the Garonne river and the old and new quarters. Today, across the Garonne is spanned by three bridges, the Pont de Pierre was the first of them, to its construction the citizens were transported on the ferry.

Its construction lasted from 1819 to 1822 by order of the enraged Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, who was unable immediately to cross the river with his army. The construction was supervised by architect Claude Deschamps. In underwater construction work was used a diving bell borrowed from the British tool in the form of a bell for transporting workers to the bottom of the river. Its use was due to the flow of the river, which at this point was so strong that it posed a danger to the lives of the builders and threatens to derail the whole plan for the construction of the bridge.

As a result, built a stone bridge over the Garonne consisted of seventeen spans (number of letters in the name of the French Emperor), each leg of the bridge was decorated with a medallion with the profile of a Napoleon, and some pillars were placed the arms of the city. The length of the bridge nearly 500 metres - to be precise, 487.

Historical monument of the Pont de Pierre was declared only in 2002. In 2003 and 2004, France has issued a postage stamp which depicted the Stone bridge in the background was drawn tram. The brand value accounted for half of Euro, and the author of her sketch were the artists Claude Andreotto, whose drawings can be seen on many French stamps for mail France he draws from the 70-ies of the last century.

From the bridge Pont de Pierre offers wonderful views of the river and into Bordeaux. At night the bridge is beautifully illuminated by many lights.