/ / Museums the Paris Polish library: photos, description (Musees de Bibliotheque polonaise a Paris)

Museums the Paris Polish library: photos, description (Musees de Bibliotheque polonaise a Paris)

Museums the Paris Polish library, located on the island of Saint-Louis can be highly interesting Russian tourists: their origin is connected with the name of Adam Czartoryski, Minister of foreign Affairs of the Russian Empire in 1804-1806. This was the "the great start of Alexander's days", which he wrote about Pushkin.

Adam Jerzy Czartoryski, a noble Polish gentleman, in the early nineteenth century was part of the "inner circle" of the young Emperor Alexander I and at the suggestion of the king headed the Ministry of foreign Affairs of Russia. A brilliant career cut short by events in the Vilna Imperial University, a Trustee of which was Czartoryski - the students have created a secret society, Czartoryski was forced to resign. During the uprising of 1830 he was Chairman of the rebel government of Poland, after the defeat of the uprising he emigrated to France.

In Paris Czartoryski settled on the island of Saint-Louis. He led the Polish emigration and became a patron of the arts. In his huge mansion Lambert he settled nearly all the major figures of Polish culture, which in the emigration had, of course, unsweetened. Here were Adam Mickiewicz and Frederic Chopin. In 1838 Czartoryski bought on the waterfront Orleans home to arrange a Polish library. Today the library houses three small museums, two of which are directly related to Russian culture.

The great Polish romantic poet Adam Mickiewicz lived in St. Petersburg and was on friendly terms with Pushkin Viazemsky, Delwig, by Baratynskii. His work was highly valued by the whole reading Russia. In the collection of the Museum named after him, collected manuscripts, documents, letters, portraits of the poet and publicist.

Composer and virtuoso pianist Frederic Chopin before his leaving for Western Europe lived in the Russian Empire, near Warsaw. In 1831 he settled in Paris, where he met the writer George sand - their affair lasted ten years. In Paris and passed the last days of the composer. The salon Chopin Museum presents the first edition of his scores, he owned the chair, a death mask and a cast of the left hand.

The third Museum library - a collection of paintings and sculptures by Polish surrealist painter Boleslaw of Bahasa who worked in the late XIX - early XX centuries. Here are also the works of other Polish artists, the archives of Polish emigration.