/ / Museums of the Foundation Le Corbusier: photos, description (Fondation Le Corbusier)

Museums of the Foundation Le Corbusier: photos, description (Fondation Le Corbusier)

Maisons La Roche-Jeanneret - two adjacent buildings, built in 1925 by Le Corbusier. This example of modern architecture, embodies the revolutionary ideas of the famous architect. In the house Jeanneret is the Foundation Le Corbusier, in fact, a Museum.

The greatest architect of the XX century with the birth name was Charles-Edouard Jeanneret-Gris. The subsequent name change, a clear explanation of no. Affected, probably, the nature of Corbusier - the flamboyant leader, a preacher and hermit at the same time. All his life he did crazy things: for example, in 1945, developed a model of a wristwatch with a dial made of concrete.

Angles and concrete im Corbusier was always faithful. Calling the aesthetics of his creations of the twenties made him the leader of the European avant-garde. Simple geometrical forms, smooth white walls, a frame made of reinforced concrete, horizontal Windows, free internal space... and In his project for Bordeaux built a town Cartier Modern fruzhe, in Moscow the building of Narcolepsy. After the Second world war, Le Corbusier was engaged in its largest project, the creation of the new city of Chandigarh in India. Still Chandigarh is one of the most comfortable and beautiful cities in the country.

Corbusier was a brilliant theorist. Building on the legacy of Vitruvius and Leonardo da Vinci, he created the Modulor system of proportions commensurate with human scale. Later, however, this idea was used to justify reducing the size of apartments in large-scale construction (the famous "Khrushchev")... Paris was lucky to remain on the paper developed by radical Corbusier's "plan Voisin" - it was proposed to demolish a historic building in the area of 240 hectares and build instead of them eighteen identical skyscrapers surrounded by gardens.

Joseph Brodsky wrote in his poem "the Rotterdam diary":

Corbusier in common with the Luftwaffe,
both have worked from the heart
over the changing face of Europe.
That will forget in the fury of the Cyclops,
the sober will complete the pencils.

Anyway, Le Corbusier is one of the geniuses of XX century, have shaped the face of modern architecture. At Maisons La Roche-Jeanneret now stored more than eight thousand of his drawings, studies and drawings. Same here - more than 450 films (Corbusier - a talented artist), three dozen enamels (father of the architect was an artist-amalgaam). And themselves building Roche-Jeanneret is an amazing exhibit that combines a bright white surface with vibrant colors: blue, red, black.

In addition to the Maisons La Roche-Jeanneret in Paris there is another place associated with the oeuvre of Le Corbusier - his apartment-Studio on the street Nungesser. The Studio is built exactly according to the canons of the wizard, there is a lot of space and light. Draws attention to the bed, standing on the dais, lying in it, Le Corbusier loved to watch the Bois de Boulogne.